Do I need to republish Label Policies after updating Sensitivity Labels?

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Hello folks,


First post on the Tech Community. 


We are testing the use of Sensitivity and Retention labels within our organisation. 


We have a number of labels created and published.


I want edit and update a couple of the Sensitivity labels:

(a) will they auto update within their published polices? or;

(b) do I edit/republish the policies affected? or;

(c) do I create new policies for the updated labels?


Also on the subject of label policies, is it best practise to have as few policies as possible (with multiple labels published within these policies) or should we have numerous policies also? My preference is to have numerous labels, minimal policies.



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@keithSC What is your definition of many labels? if they are scoped to different groups of users, then that will be ok, but each user should not be seeing many labels, 4 is ideal, with a few more in some cases. 

You need multiple label policies only if users need different labels or different policy settings. Aim to have as few label policies as possible — it's not uncommon to have just one label policy for the organization. see

Thanks for your reply @Dean Gross 


We currently have 5x Sensitivity Labels:

  • Public
  • General
  • Personal
  • Confidential
  • Highly Confidential

Along with 'test labels' which are to be removed (by unpublishing)


We had approx 6x Policies covering different label applications, but as you say 1 Policy should be adequate and I am moving my organisation to this currently.


An example of what I hope to achieve;

Extend the label Confidential using 2 sub-labels:

  • Confidential - Internal
  • Confidential - External

Internal limited to domain users.

External will allow external sharing, but limited editing/forwarding etc.


Once I have edited the label, and for future tweaks, will my 1x Policy need to be updated/republished/modified or do the changes automatically sync through?


Many thanks!!