DLP with policy tips only, no email notifications

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Can a DLP policy be configured to only display a policy tip but don't send the email notification? At the moment, only a policy with Block with justify and override action works that way. We only want the user to see the policy tip  i.e. there will be no restrict/block action but it appears a policy with this configuration then sends the sender an email immediately which has the potential to annoy a lot of our users.

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Did you try "test" mode?

@Gurdev Singh  On  your policy settings, You can create a Rule  --> Actions --> User notification. you can disable the notification for users and set only "Policy Tips"




@PrasannarajuThe way you describe it, doesn't work. Have you tried it? If you disable user notification, then policy tip disappears as well.

@Vasil Michevthanks...Yeah, that's what we are going to try having exhausted all other options. We even considered a dump mailbox to direct all these email notifications. Not sure why designers of DLP didn't consider a requirement where someone just wants to display the policy tip without getting bombarded with unnecessary emails.



I have now tested the policy in test mode with show policy tips but no luck emails are still fired. Any other ideas.

Have you performed any more tests?

@Jonas Back  Yes if you turn off email notifications you will not receive Policy Tips from the policy



 This config will not allow you to save the policy rule.image.png

Did you find a way to do this?
I strongly agree that this should be possible
Feature requested to separate user notifications and Policy Tips when configuring DLP policies:


Feel free to up vote and hopefully get it implemented.
I have also created a feature request with the Microsoft to have a separate user notification and Policy Tips in the DLP Policy configuration. However, haven't received a promising response from MS.