DLP with labeled content in email


I recently overheard a conversation where someone stated that DLP protection of labeled content in email will be available shortly. Is this true?

I was under the impression that the Office 365 DLP cannot (and never will) protect from mailing a document based on any kind of label.

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I don't remember whether this was announced at Ingite, however you don't need labels for DLP policies to work. What was announced at Ingite is support for actions specific to email messages, such as encrypting the message if sensitive content is detected within it or any attachment. Check this session for more info:


Thank you Vasil.
The problem that I face is a customer who do not want protection but really only want Policy Tips to pop up when sensitive data is being sent outside the organization.
I am using other methods right now (fingerprinted documents, and custom sensitve data) but labels would be great for this.