DLP testing policy tips

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I've created a test DLP policy using a custom sensitive info types so only I know the words that trigger it.


Policy tips work in the outlook client and the online version of word (didn't test excel)


but it isn't working on installed word or excel o365.


It also sends me the email alerts properly.


the default policy tips are really bad :)  


Policy Tip: default text


Not sure where to look at my local clients on why its not triggering word or excel. Its been over 24 hours since I set it up and it works in outlook.

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@Jason_B1025 are they connected to Microsoft 365 account?

I have seen cases when Word or any of Microsoft products has been deployed but user is not login with Microsoft 365 account and in this case policy won't work.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived thank you, but yes I'm logging into my o365 install. My name is in the top right corner and File > Account shows me logged in.


@Jason_B1025 thank you for response, first take a look at report for DLP and you might find some clue there:


Then try sign out from your account and sign in again and if problem persist, contact Microsoft 365 support team.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived thanks, but its still not working. 


Now that I added custom text for the policy time, local outlook isn't picking up the change and still shows the default. OWA works fine. 






DLP policy tips are really starting to drive me nuts!! :)


I opened a ticket with MS support, but that's even more painful and slow.

@Jason_B1025 thank you for following up.

Have you checked Microsoft 365 Health Dashboard too?

I believe this is case where support needs to investigate.


I have 3 alerts in my dashboard but none of them have anything to do with DLP. :(

@Jason_B1025 in this case you need to wait for response from support team.

Meanwhile, you may also ask this question on Microsoft Answers forum too: