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DLP policy

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I have an "internal" sensitivity label that is only going to be used within the company. I configured a DLP rule that blocks emails/file sharing if the content is tagged with Internal and shared outside the organisation. BUT, lots of the employers usually have internal tagged emails but forwards the email to their Team Channel which is outside of the organisation.. Whats the best way to block for users outside of this organisation but allow the team channel email adress marked with Internal? I tried with DLP but its not letting me allowing domains from there. Any suggestions?


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Question to your post

Employees sending e-mail with the tag internal to a Microsoft Teams channel. This channel is a part of a Tenant and a Microsoft Teams outside of your organization. The information leave the organization, correct?

Who you config your DLP Policy?
Yes it leaves the org, but internal is the default label and they use this channel to distribute information.