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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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DLP Policy tips not showing when sending to external recipient

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We are having an issue where if there is Pii or financial information in an email or attachment, when sending externally the policy tips are not displayed in Outlook (they do work when using Outlook online).  The policy itself works as blocks happen as expected etc.


Through investigating this we noticed that the policynudgerules_xxxx.xml file only has the internal config in it and not the external.  As a test I found an old version of this file and copied over the external config from that file into the newer and it instantly started working.  Trouble is this files gets overwritten periodically.


I have also found that removing the reg key 'LastDownloadTimesPerAccount' and renaming the policynudgerules_xxxx.xml file so that it regenerates doesn't help and it only contains the config if sending internally.


Has anyone else come accorss this?  I have managed to recreat the exact issue in two tenants with the same results.  I do have a call open with MS but they are taking ages to even unsderstand and end users are quickly loosing faith.


If anyone could offer some help or advise into if this has been seen else where that would be very much appreciated.


P.S., before anyone says, DLP is setup in the compliance centre and there are no other DLP rules configured in Exhange online.


Many thanks in advance.

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