DLP Policy Tips not showing up

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I setup some DLP policies in my environment and I currently have them in testing. The email and notifications seem to be working just fine but I am having issues getting the Policy Tips to work. I did see the text in O365 about having Exchange Administration settings so notifications are turned off but I don't see anything that would be causing an issue in there.


Does any else have experience with the policy tips not working and then finding a solution?

Ideas where they might be getting held up?

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Does it work in OWA? Outlook might take some time to update the policies, you can give it a push by using the method detailed here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2823261



It doesn't seem to be working in OWA or Outlook 2016.


I tried the fix suggested using regedit to the Outlook 2016 settings but that didn't seem to change anything. I am pretty sure this is on the server side/settings but I figured it couldn't hurt to try this.

Well, do the DLP reports show any matches?

Yes they do.

Hm, which version of Outlook are you using? Some Office SKUs dont support Policy tips, IRM, retention and so on, but even if that was the case with you it doesnt explain the lack of Policy tips in OWA...


I guess you should open a support case to get this properly looked at.

We are using E3 so we should have full access to policy tips, or at least I thought we did.

One thing that took me a while to figure out is that you need to provide some context in your files or emails. You can't just have a credit number by itself and expect it to find it. The algorithms are looking for words like "credit card, amex, routing number, visa, expiration date, ssn, etc."

Once I started putting additional text like that in my test files and test emails, then the policies started triggering.

Jason Hartman

Thanks for the tip Jason. I have had some people ask about them and they have noticed the tips since I went live with this. So I think I am good now but I will use your suggestions for testing moving forward. Much appreciated.