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Apr 03 2024, 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
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DLP Policy Tips Locale

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When creating a Policy Tip in the Security & Compliance portal -> New DLP policy, it is possible to customize the Policy Tips text.

If a custom text is entered, will this custom text will be automatically converted to different languages? 

For example, if I create a custom policy tip in English (en) language but the sender is French and using French language on the workstation and applications, will the custom policy tip be displayed in French or English?


In creating a policy tip in EAC -> Compliance management - > Manage policy tips.

There is an option to target different languages and enter the text in the appropriate language.

This capability is not available through the Security & Compliance portal -> New DLP policy.






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Still not possible afaik. The underlying PowerShell cmdlets expose the NotifyPolicyTipCustomTextTranslations attribute, however the relevant parameters for the new-/set-DlpComplianceRuleV2 cmdlets are still "reserved for internal Microsoft use":

Vasil, thanks for the reply. Would you know if the custom English language policy tip be displayed in French or English if the policy tip is created in the Security & Compliance portal?

Afaik it will not be translated.

@Vasil Michev - is there any change in situation to facilitate custom DLP policy tip in multiple language?

@mevaibhav831345 should be possible now. There is already notany mention that the cmd-let is reserved for internal use. 


I'm gonna test it soon hopefully.