DLP POlicy changes not getting saved

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we are seeing an issue where when I set a DLP rule to block sharing, it doesn't seem to take effect. I turn it on, save the rule, and then save the changes to the DLP policy. When I go back and review the policy after saving it, the rule to "Block everyone" is no longer set. I'm seeing this behavior on multiple tenants. Is anyone else having the same problem?


@Nir Hendler 

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Same issue here, very frustrating.  How did you get on with this? @Dean Gross 

@Dean Gross im seeing the same behavior today june 8 2022. i go into my dlp policy enable some rules inside the policy > save and accept everything looks fine ..but if i go back into the dlp policy to confirm...the rules are not enabled! tried multiple times, multiple admin accounts, multiple PCs....Microsoft what is going on??

Yep i am seeing this as well. I have had to make changes with PowerShell as a workaround...
Rebooted my laptop, saves now work...