DLP Creation in Security and Compliance Sync to Exchange Compliance Management

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I have created a DLP Policy in the Security and Compliance section of Office 365.  When created here, should it Sync to Exchange, and when I go into the Exchange Compliance Manager, the policy should be automatically created?  Or do I need to create a policy in both places?


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It does sync to Exchange (and any other workflows for that matter), but you will not see it in the EAC if that's what you mean.

You can create DLP policies in S&C Office 365 and make them apply to Exchange online. But these policies don't sync to Exchange online Admin Center. In any case Microsoft recommends the use of Security and Compliance Center for this purpose:



Thank you for your replies.

I have created the policy in the Security and Compliance section, but it does not seem to work.


I have used the HIPAA Template.

Selected test showing Policy Tips.

All Three location - All Users with no Excluded users.



Give it some time, it needs to replicate across all workloads (and the SLAs Microsoft mentions are far from what I've observed in real life). You can check the distribution status via PowerShell.