disable the AIP add-in to use built-in labeling for Office apps - but its not working



This article talks about disabling the AIP add-in to use built-in labeling for Office apps:

We followed this article to enable this feature: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/sensitivity-labels-office-apps?view=o365-w...

- Navigate to User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Office 2016/Security Settings.
- Set Use the Sensitivity feature in Office to apply and view sensitivity labels to 1

We can now see the AIP COM Add-in is disabled in MS Word - even though we are using Office 365 (with an E5 license).

However, where on the MS Word ribbon do we now find AIP labels?
Where is this built-in labeling option for Office apps we are supposed to be using now?
Because it looks like when we disable the AIP COM add-in, it also removes AIP from MS Word.

Also, my AIP Policy default is to auto-label every new document as "General" - and this also is no longer working.

Are we meant to enable something AIP related somewhere else?

Thank you

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