Delete Site/List on retention policy OR Exclusion rule

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Hi All,


I have a lot of SharePoint site in my environment. Because we want to ensure we retain data at SharePoint, we enabled the Retention policy for all the sites, Which worked fine, Sites/Lists/Items were being prevented from being deleted. Now i have a NEED to delete a site, I added the site to "exclusion" list and waited for 7 days, rules have been successfully applied. Still i am unable to delete the site, is there something wrong with what i want to achieve ?

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Hello Anand,


When you no longer need a SharePoint site or subsite, such as one created for a completed project, you can delete it to free up space. To delete a site or subsite in SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server, you need to be an admin or have Full Control permissions.


And to delete a SharePoint Online Site: 

For SharePoint Online sites, there are two ways to delete a site or subsite, depending on the type of site. On team or Office 365 group-connected sites, the delete option is under Settings > Site Information. This is also the case for subsites or classic experience sites if accessing Settings from a modern experience page. Otherwise, on communication sites, subsites, or classic experience sites, the delete option is under Settings > Site Settings.




I hope this can help you.

Hey Sandro,

Sorry if i was not very clear, in my question. I was reffering to sites that has "retention policy" applied. The above mentioned process is for non-retention-ed site.


Thank You Anand, 


I misunderstood. 

I will redirect you to another thread, where the issue was similar to yours if can help you, please let me know.