Default link to Network Secutiry group page from Office365 Security Score center SSL Cert fails

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I was following the link displayed in the Offic365 security score center. When accessing the link, a invalid SSL certificate warning get displayed. I think this, being a misconfiguration of an webserver which hosts a group on network security is a bit odd and maybe should be adjusted. 


The list I used


Screenshot attached from SSLlabs about cert domain mismatch


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That's a CNAME redirect to the Lithium platform hosting the MTC, the link should be basic HTTP, not HTTPS. @Brandon Koeller @Anthony Smith (A.J.) FYI

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Hi Hans and Vasil,


Thanks for calling this out.  I found the same problem earlier this week and shared it with the team.  It should be on their backlog now.

I called this out a few times, back in 2016 no less, glad this is getting fixed! Nice one.

Hi Anthony,


thanks for the quick reply and heads-up! Good to hear its on the ToDo list!


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