Data Loss Prevention send me as global admin alot of emails but the hit is incorrect

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We are using O365 with SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Teams, Skype for Business etc..I created a new DLP policy for "Exchange email, Teams chats and channel messages and OneDrive and SharePoint documents" and selected the privacy GDPR template for EU. I disabled the tooltip and notification settings for the endusers. I only enabled to send an email to my own emailaddress to test it first.


I receive now alot of emails from DLP hits. But I investigate the hit and it is false possitive. For example the sensitive info type "EU National Identification Number" gives a hit if the email contains a number like "0611133218". But this number is a phonenumber in an email! How can I finetune the rules so it will send only an email if it is a real hit?dlp policy eu.png

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You can fine tune the match criteria under the Policy settings section and the rules therein. Notifications will be generated for every match though, it's a simple on/off switch.

@Vasil Michev can I find somewhere some tips about how to reduce the false possitives?