Data Governance Features

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Does anyone have a breakdown of what Data Governance features are included in E3 vs E5?  Thanks!

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Business Essentials/Business/Business Premium/E1/E3 Data governance enables users to create, publish, and manually apply labels to documents; import data using drive shipping or over the network; and create and apply retention/deletion policies across workloads, users, and groups. Retention policies applied to mailboxes require Office 365 Enterprise E3 or E5. E5 Advanced data governance allows you to retain important information and delete unimportant information by classifying information based on a retention or deletion policy or both. It includes intelligent/automated actions such as recommending policies; automatically applying labels to data; applying labels based on sensitive data types or queries; and use of smart import filters. It also includes the Supervision feature for reviewing employee communications for security and compliance purposes. Source: