Customize access for Content Search Queries - Role based Access

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Hey Security & Compliance Community,


My team is working on content search queries. I can give the team members to be in a privilege role (Compliance Admin) and they can start working with "Content Search".


The problem is whoever is given that role, they see eachothers' queries created in the content search section which is not always the intent for privacy and security reasons.


My questions are:

A> Is there any way that if I give access to team, each user can see his own content search only ( not for the other users')?

B> If I can define different roles with different level of access to content search section?

Thanks in advance for your constructive advice,

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Compliance admin is a highly privileged role, you might want to use eDiscovery Managers instead:

Thanks Vasil for your response.


So what I understood from your words, that role is not customizeable in a way so I could set it that users would not see eachothers' queries? and the alternative option is to go with eDiscovery permissions

No it isn't, the SCC lacks the granularity we get with the Exchange RBAC model. Plus, the Compliance admin role gives you access to lot more than Content search/eDiscovery, so you probably want to stay clear of it.

That is correct, it got me thinking to go with Manager role option in eDiscovery.


Does it have the same functionality as Content Search?

It has enough permissions to allow for content searches, yes.