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Does anyone know if the Customer Lockbox functionality is possible to apply to partners/users and not just MS - so it applies to B2B? - so the partner can't access the customer's data, (files, emails, etc.)? 

The partner has (global) admins rights, so how does one prevent access to the data or at least log it ? 

Otherwise, if someone could point to another solution, where GA is blocked? 

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@Taen keren 


Hi, Customer Lockbox is only for Microsoft support I'm afraid.


You can control access to the data using Conditional Access Policies, and / or Privileged Identity Management as per


@PeterRising -hmmm... If I could combine the CA with the actual Classification label - it would be great


If a document labeled 'Highly confidential' - then no global admin, compliance admin or other privileged role, had access to the document - only the end-users or the group specified in the label had access.

I'm not aware if this can be achieved now?   -


I can see this one at the uservoice:

@Taen keren 


No there is nothing that will work quite like that just yet I'm afraid.  One for the roadmap hopefully.