Core eDiscovery Export Results to Online Cloud Mailbox

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I have performed an eDiscovery Core hold and search.
Now I want to export all the results for a group of 4 attorneys to analyze it together
I know I can export it as a .pst based on this document But then I will have to connect that to each attorney local Outlook and they will have to analyze each copy of the same .pst separated
I want to have the search on an online mailbox in the cloud, like a SharedMailbox or something else, so the 4 attorneys can perform searches and analysis at the same time.
Can you help me?

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You can upload the PST to a new mailbox (I think only mailbox is supported, but you could upload to mailbox and after the upload change to sharedmailbox)
adding a link described the process to upload PST into mailbox.

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Thanks Adir.
I was hoping there was a PowerShell to do everything automatically to avoid doing this upload back to the cloud.
Also there is another issue: when you first download the eDiscovery results, it generates and .pst but also it may generated items on a folder (not on the .pst) for items it found on Teams Teams channels, SharePoint Online, OneDrive etc. In another words, items which are not stored on a Exchange Online mailbox. Those I can not get into the online shared mailbox.
So unless there is another creative solution I will have to tell my attorneys to avoid having multiple people doing an analysis at the same time, but rather have one person doing it on local.
Any comment is appreciated