Content Not Detected after AIP Scan after Information Type update

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Hey all,


I've got an edited Credit Card sensitive information type to meet my needs. It works well. I've also installed the AIP scanner to scan local files, and the info type detected matched content. Great.


Since then, I edited this information type and added in some exclusions. The AIP scan was rerun, and zero items matched. I found this odd so I went back to the information type and removed the exclusions, and created a new copy of this information type and added the exclusions (for some reason I cannot have both of these information types at high confidence - its one or the other).


When I do a new scan, again it comes up with zero results. I don't know why this is, as I should be getting results. Is there anything that I could look at, or perhaps "force" a sync of information types between Compliance Centre & Azure? My additional information type doesn't show yet, either. 


Its been 4+ days since I reverted the changes and I am seeing no change on AIP. There are DLP policies with this information type which are working as expected.




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I managed to find a workaround by recreating the information type. AIP content is now detected by the new info type.

Somehow the one I was using must've become corrupted.