Configuring Reverse DNS queries for public IP that hosts multiple websites...

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What is the best practice in configuring reverse DNS for a public webserver IP where it is hosting multiple websites.




All resolve to:


how should the reverse DNS PTR record for be configured in Azure-DNS ?

2 Replies is part of the private IP space. For public facing domains these are not relevant. It can be useful however for internal networks.


Typically the redirection of multiple websites hosted on a single web server is done within IIS (or whatever platform you use).

Sorry, I used the Private Addressing only in my Message. I do have a Full Class C Address block that I'm working with (two actually). I just didn't want to post the actual Public IP Address. 


I know Forward DNS for the Different Domain names all Point to the same IP Address and then within IIS you use Host Headers to direct the user to the proper IIS Web. 


Though I just Imported my Zone into Azure DNS and When I query my IIS Servers' IP Address it comes back with a random Domain that is not the Main Domain for the server. 


I just wanted to know how Others configure reverse DNS for a Multi-homed IIS Server. Does the Reverse DNS just return a Random Name if there a multiple entries for the same IP, or does it return them all and the recipient picks one, or dies it just return the first one?  The name its returning is not the first, though always seems to return the same name.