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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Hey all! The Information Protection and Compliance team is ramping up usage of a new platform for collecting customer feedback for MIP, DLP, and our other solutions. We know that all these topics are very popular for questions on the SCI Community so hopefully these will be very useful to all of you!


The feedback portal links for MIP and DLP are:


Please use these links to submit and vote on feedback directly using the links above so we can assess the true impact of each of these requests.


Thank you very much!

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Thank you for sharing and glad you have moved into this platform
where should provide feedback on Auditing - like for alert policy and monitoring
Hi @Robin_Poulose , If it is about DLP alerts, the DLP feedback forum sounds like the right place.
it is Activity Alert like track partners activity on client tenant which is not available.
Tracking role base activity alerts for auditing purpose.
Ah, that's not related to MIP or DLP but seems to be about AAD. I would push this feedback to the AAD discussion space here: . Though I suggest you provide specific scenarios of what actions and scenarios you would like to track.
Good to see the new feedback forums up. Where can customers provider feedback on eDiscovery/ Advanced eDiscovery? Doesn't seem to fit any of the above. Also - ADG/records management?
Hi @Peter Haigh, I'm told the portals for those products haven't been set up yet. They are still trying to adapt to the new tool, which doesn't entirely meet the needs for these kinds of products (the tool is designed for user-provided feedback, not admin-provided feedback). In the meantime, you can use a CxE contact for those products.
Understood - CxE is awesome but many people don't have access/know about that channeI - I just think we need this type of open approach, even while we harmonise feedback methods. 🤷‍:male_sign:
Fully agreed! Just passing along the info from the team!
CxE is awesome but i don't have access/know about that channeI
This is new to me. I am looing for feedback to post about my bad experience yesterday 12/10 where the MS Tech Support had no idea how to resolve Microsoft's Windows 10 Home light vs dark issues in the Registry.
Can you advise? Thanks - Gary

Hi Gary, if it doesn't fit into one of these hubs, my best recommendation would be to post in the Windows Hub to see if anyone has seen a similar scenario or has any advice!

Is someone maybe able to provide an update on when a regulation assessment would be available for ISO 27001:2022? Or point to the right place to ask this question? Thanks.