Classify content as a record - ability to clear label

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I have set up a number of test scenarios in my tenant and I have run into an issue that I am struggling to solve.

I have created a classification label and choose to "use label to classify content as a "Record", published the label policy to a specific Group and then have added content to the library in the site to test it out.

As a site owner (not global admin) I can go in and apply the label, I can then no longer delete the document, as well when I open the document in the browser any edits I make are not saved (although there is no error message regarding this - which is a usability issue). Both of these are expected behaviour based on what I understand. Where I am struggling is that on these same documents I can simply go and "clear the label" on the document and then can delete it or edit it , which defeats the purpose in labeling something a record. 

Is this expected behaviour or am I missing a in the step or have a problem with how something is functioning for me.


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As a site owner/site collection admin, you are able to overwrite the "record", in the sense of being able to change/remove the label. I do agree that the overall experience with respect to handling records in SPO can be vastly improved...

@Vasil Michev Thanks so much for confirming this experience for me. It is something that we will all need to think about when using classification labels, defining a governance structure and training site owners! For people familiar with managing records in RM systems this may be a bit to get their mind around.