Clarity on Track and revoke feature in AIP unified client

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With the latest version of AIP unified client, is the track and revoke option supported for a label that has admin defined permission or only for user defined permission?

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I have already gone through those but it is not clear which scenario is supported/not supported in track and revoke. What happens to the label which has admin defined permissions? is it possible to revoke that document? what happens if they revoke? does the label gets removed?

@mohanrajm You revoke access, you don't remove the labels.


As a user it can be done where you have applied the protection, using your current user account.


An admin can always revoke.

I just tested and found that it will not work for labels that has admin defined permission on it. If a user try to revoke, it throws an error..
As I said in my post above.
Well for end user it will not be very clear whether he manually applied permission or through the label application. Ideally the revoke option should not appear if the protection is applied through label which has admin defined permission in order to avoid the confusion for end users..