Clarification on AIP Scanners | Nodes | Clusters | SQL

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Can someone clarify how the scanner, nodes, clusters, SQL instance works when there's more than 1 server with files that need to be scanned. I set a scanner on a on-prem box with SQLExpress and was able to scan files sitting on the box itself, but I couldn't get it to scan any directories on another on prem box or an Azure VM...


Ex. 3 Servers contains files that need to be scanned and label





In the documentation it states you spin up your SQL Server - we'll call it AIPSQLSVR1


Do I have to setup the scanner on each one of these server (FileSVR1,2,ScanSVR1)?

The documentation suggests naming the cluster a geographic location, so we'll say its USA and that's all setup in Azure. So am I just going:


Install-AIPScanner -SqlServerInstance AIPSQLSVR1 -Cluster USA   on each of the servers and setting them up from there?


I just can't find any examples of multiple servers which seems baffling, because any org that is likely deploying this has multiple locations where files need to be at a minimum discovered.


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