Circa 2000 "RMS for Microsoft Account Trial service" is end of life; being decommissioned
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First published on CloudBlogs on Aug 21, 2015
Hi everyone,   Contrary to usual, this post is not about our commercial release of Azure RMS and is not about our commercial release of AD RMS either. It's about a little known, partially supported trial service that is approaching end of life.  Microsoft introduced a trial "RMS for LiveID" service with Office 2000. This service has been in a perpetual trial -- it was never released and never formally supported to our commercial standards. The service recently experience an outage. While it is being restored, we want to take this opportunity to re-iterate that this service rapidly reaching its end of service life. This trial service will be decommissioned on November 28th of 2015. If you are one of the few using this trial service, you should decrypt any files you have protected. Once the service is decommissioned, access to those files will not be possible. We encourage our customers to consider the modern, commercially-released, and fully-supported replacement: our per-organization Azure RMS account. Learn more about the Azure RMS service here and here . If you are user of this service and need further guidance, contact us as . We'd be happy to help to seamlessly migrate from the service to either the paid or free option.  Regards, Dan and Enrique on behalf of the RMS Team
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