CIO of eBay Defines “Success” in IT & Discusses Integrating Legacy Systems with New Infrastructure
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First published on CloudBlogs on Mar 07, 2017
In the second half of my discussion with Dan Morales (CIO, eBay ) we had to edit out a discussion about the weirdest stuff ever sold on the site, but we do talk about a moment when he thought he had failed, but then realized he had succeeded, but then it dawned on him that it was more of a fail-success.  Faiccess, maybe?  It turns out that migrating to Office 365 has gotten so easy that no one notices it happened – but that may mean no one is using all the great features. Dan also talks about how he’s removed the “friction” caused by thousands of global workers carrying countless different devices that access both old and new apps within the same infrastructure.  His insights are really valuable for any IT team working with thousands of users, legacy systems, and multiple offices.  When it comes to security:  Security done right is hidden .

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