CIO of Accenture Talks About How to Pitch IT Ideas to Execs & Why CIO’s Have to Evolve
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First published on CloudBlogs on Feb 14, 2017
Season 4 of Lunch Break kicks off with the tallest and funniest CIO in the business – Andrew Wilson from the massive, global consulting firm Accenture .  The biggest question I had prior to this episode was practical:  Could a 6’10” person fit in the very sleek, very low supercar that my producer rented for the day? It turns out he can – sort of. Once Andrew had folded himself into the passenger seat, we talked about the work he’s done with one of the biggest mobile workforces on earth and what it’s taught him about 1) how IT managers can develop and successfully present a “digital agenda” to company leadership, and 2) how/why the job of the CIO has had to evolve. Andrew also has some great insights about early adoption (his team was the earliest adopter of Office 365 back before it even had a name), and he offers the first of several critiques about my driving.

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Next week check out the second part of my drive with Andrew – we discuss time traveling whales (not a typo), cloud-based security, and play “IT Would You Rather.” You can also subscribe to these videos here , or watch past episodes here: www .
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