Check Out Our Latest Announcement: Azure Information Protection
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First published on CloudBlogs on Jun 23, 2016
If you missed yesterday’s announcement about Microsoft Azure Information Protection , take a few minutes to learn how this can seriously (and very positively!) impact your day-to-day operation.  Also check out the video below. In the announcement blog post there’s a great overview of how this new service integrates the incredible technology we gained from the acquisition of Secure Islands , how this integrates with EMS, and how this fits in to our industry-leading security tools . The post also makes an important observation that I 100% support and have written about a lot:
Organizations must protect their data at the source in a world where information travels beyond the boundary of the corporate network and potentially across many devices outside of company control. These realities make it more critical than ever to have solutions that prevent data loss and track information at the file level regardless of where data resides or with whom it is shared.
The post also dives in on how Azure Information Protection delivers functionalities, like:
  • The ability to classify, label, and protect data at the time of creation or modification
  • Providing persistent protection that travels with your data
  • Enabling safe sharing with customers and partners
  • Simple, intuitive controls that help users make the right decisions and stay productive
  • Giving visibility and control over shared data
  • Deployment and management flexibility
I think you’re going to be really intrigued by what you learn.  Check out the site dedicated to the new service here , and sign up for a preview here .
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