Changing MDM settings in AAD - Mobility

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I am in the process of setting up a POC of Intune using Endpoint Manager as a potential replacement for our existing MDM solution.

For our existing MDM, we have a 3rd party app enabled and scoped for all users, with the Intune app scoped for None.

In order to set up the POC I need to remove some members from the 3rd party app and add them to the Intune app. Unfortunately you cannot simply exclude an existing group as there are no Exclusion settings.

My plan is to create a dynamic group which contains all user objects, except those explicitly excluded. I will then rescope the 3rd party MDM app from 'all' to 'some' and target this new group. I can then scope the Intune app to another group containing our testers.

Can someone confirm the following: -

By doing this, existing enrollments will not be impacted in our existing MDM? Either for testers and non-testers

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