Changes aren't reflecting on our SecureScore

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Hi there


I hope you can help me.


I have done quite a bit of work within the Secure Score Improvement area, reviewing reports that need reviewing (all of which update the status to completed), but also making various changes, however these aren't reflecting in our score.  Some changes were made a few weeks ago now, but still saying Not completed.


These are : 

Exchange Online

  • Block Client Forwarding Rules (I've done this)
  • Do not use mail forwarding rules to external domains (double checked and blocked anyway due to the above setting)
  • Do not allow calendar details sharing (I have deselected this, so we don't allow it)



  • Configure expiration time for external sharing links (our site is set to not share outside the organisation at all, so this action is n/a, how do I mark it complete please?
  • Allow anonymous guest sharing links for sites and docs (per above, we don't share anything outside the organisation)

 So whilst all the above meets the requirement, they are all showing as Not Completed.  How do I get these updated please?


Looking forward to hearing from you.




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