Cannot publish classification labels to communication sites

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Hi all,


I have a communication site called 'Policies' which, you guessed it, stores company policies and allows communication of those policies through news articles that are then collated through a Hub Site.  


I created a Classification Label 'Policy' with a retention period to help ensure these documents are properly managed.  I only want to publish the policy label to the policies communication site, obviously.  And this is where I got stuck.  I don't see communication sites under 'SharePoint sites' nor 'Office 365 groups'....they simply don't appear on the list of refinement options where you can choose to publish labels.


Anyone from managed to do this or is it an omission in the current version of labels?





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Just curious, how long has it been since the site was created?

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FWIW, just tried with a Comm site I have, and it seems to work fine. Remember that the "picker" doesn't automatically list all the sites, you have to enter the full URL in the search box then click the search button.

Hi Vasil,


Thanks very much for your reply - I think you've cracked it.  The sites have been created for days but don't show up in the picker.  I wasn't aware that I could manually enter the site URL and this would work.


I think Microsoft should, ultimately, make all sites show in the picker otherwise I think I won't be alone in having these kind of issues.


Thanks again,