Cannot disable printing on AIP-protected PDF files

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Hello there,


Investigating on whether AIP can answer my customer's needs in terms of IRM, and as a possible candidate for the replacement of OpenText Information Rights Management (formerly owned by EMC\Documentum).


We've defined a specific label with the permissions below:




Protecting files work (with both the standard and UL clients). No errors there. The pdfs are protected, we use the AIP client for Acrobat Reader to authenticate and open files. Once the file open, saving is not allowed but printing is, although it should be disabled. 





Sorry for the French UI there but the first line reads "Printing: Allowed" (Autorisé).


Please note that PDF v2 Permissions are enabled at (Global) Policy level:




Could someone tell if if disabling print on PDFfiles works at all, as it doesn't seem to. I'm been in contact with the MS support the last weeks, they asked me to redo the protection on another machine, but no luck, same issue.





Stephane Marcon



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This is a quite old article but I believe it will answer some of your questions and maybe point you in the right direction



Thanks, but this is one of the articles I followed to understand the encryption steps and debug once the protection set. Is there  anything special you would like to point me to and which I may have forgotten,




I have followed the instructions and get the same results in the Adobe Reader dialog box showing the Document Restrictions Summary. But, when I actually use the label not allowing printing (in this case a PDF file) the recipients can view the PDF but they cannot print it. So maybe the Document Restrictions Summary not necessarily reflect the Document Security of the file. I haven't had a closer look at Adobe Reader for ages so thanks for getting me there ;)


Perhaps you need to check your policy and label settings again, meaning which users and/or groups get the policy and which users and/or groups are assigned the associated label preventing print.

@ChristianBergstrom Hi there, could you send me a sample PDF when you allow me the view but forbid printing? using the official AIP plugin, so that I can check on my side. Thanks,