Can you remove Sensitivity Labels for a user after deploying AIP UL client and Office 2016 apps?

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We're piloting Sensitivity Labels in Office 2016 apps by using the AIP UL client; this has been deployed to 12 people using SCCM, the same 12 are in the emailed-enabled group to whom we've published the policy.


I've now removed 2 people from the policy group, but Labels are still showing in Outlook. It looks like publishing is a 'one way' option.


Can these be Labels removed without using SCCM to remove the AIP UL client?

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Hi@Calum Steen. To make sure AIP is rolled out to certain users we use onboarding controls.


As it says here: Example 1: Restrict Azure Information Protection to users who have a license and are members of a specified group

PS C:\> Set-AipServiceOnboardingControlPolicy -UseRmsUserLicense $True -SecurityGroupObjectId "fba99fed-32a0-44e0-b032-37b419009501" -Scope All