Can we restrict users from login on personal laptops? Both OWA and Outlook configuration?

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With the help of EMS(Enterprise Mobility + Security) license can we resolve below queries. 


  1. How do we restrict users from login on personal laptops? Both OWA and Outlook config. 

  2. Mobile - for those who we allow, we must monitor. Rules such as no external email from mobile app must be configured.

  3. Mobile - for those who we block, they should not be able to use OWA and Outlook.@tech community discussion

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Hello @dixitab,


The 1st and the 3rd goals could be achieved by using Conditional Access policies. "Block Access to Office365 apps from devices that are not Azure AD Joined or Azure AD Hybrid Joined". 

Regarding the 2nd question, please provide more details. Do you want that users won't be able to configure any external emails on their phones? In the Outlook app or in native email apps?

Hello @mikhailf 


Thanks for the response.


2nd question - Is it possible to configure/add your personal email address in the work profile ? if yes how we can restrict user.

I have one more query -

1- If we allow a few users to access emails on their personal devices (laptop, mobile phone) via owa or on outlook app, is it possible to monitor their activity?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @dixitab,


2 - please, check this answer: Remove / Block / Prevent Personal Email Accounts in Outlook - Microsoft Tech Community. Probably this can help.

1 - Yes, you can monitor users' activities. You can monitor Sign-in activities using Azure Active Directory -> Sign-in logs. Or you can use Microsoft Sentinel to monitor activities in Office 365.



Hey thanks for the reply and apologies for the late response.