Can't use integrated Mobile device management

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Not sure if this is the right forum as integrated MDM probably uses Intune as a base, but it looks too limited and different, so posting here.


We have E3 licenses, which include MDM solution (limited comparing to Intune, but enough for our needs and not requiring additional licenses purchase). I have checked this solution on our tenant and tested it on demo tenant a year ago. But a month or so ago i have noticed that Device management menu is missing in Security & Compliance > Data loss prevention menu. Only DLP menu is shown there. I have filed a case. we were told to assign device management permissions to global admin. Still there was no menu shown. Then we were told it was a know issue and we can access MDM via URL

But  if i press View the list of managed devices, i get an error. If i try to create a new policy it shows:

You can't run this command without activating mobile device management.

Request: /api/DevicePolicy/Create Status code: 500 Exception: Microsoft.Exchange.PswsClient.PswsException Diagnostic information: {Version:16.00.2528.002,Environment:WEUPROD,DeploymentId:<redacted>,InstanceId:WebRole_IN_0,SID:<redacted>,CID:<redacted>} Time: 2018-08-24T11:09:42.4881429Z

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Opened a case an was told to search for MDM in admin center search field and then press on it and press Enroll there for the menu to appear again and for MDM to work properly (some issues with enrolling). Will wait for ~24 hours to see if it works.

I was able to find the direct links to these features within the Office 365 Portal.


Enable MDM Office 365


MDM Device Actions


MDM Device Security Policies

2 and 3 links were not working for me until i re-did the enrollment. Which probably is the 1st link, probably the same that you find via the search for MDM in Admin center.