Can't send documents in OneDrive as a link with label enabled encryption in Office 365 web.


Hi All,


I want to send OneDrive documents as a link in office 365 web label applied, but it won't be allow me to do that. below are the steps I am doing. appreciate the help.  


  • Create a OneDrive document and label as confidential-internal. confidential-internal label has enabled encryption and co-owner permissions to all users in the Organization.
  • Then, attached the document as a link in Office 365 web. Please refer the screenshot.
  • when, attached the document, trying to classified the email as a confidential-internal, but it won't allow me to do that.
  • However, I was able to do the exact same thing via Outlook app. 






I would appreciate, if anyone point out is there anything I missed or this is the behavior by design. 







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In M365 it's all about sharing links all pointing to either SharePoint or OneDrive. If you want to label the email as described you need to attach a copy of that file (adding it to the email) and not a sharing link. When using the desktop client you've probably attached the file and not a link.