Can I send AIP protect mail to a company uses on-premises exchange server?

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Hi All,

Can I send AIP protect mail to a company  uses on-premises exchange server?
Example:A company use office365 and AIP. B company use on-premises Exchange.

If A conpany sender send a mail protect with AIP, Can B company recipient verification by identity and open the mail(Contains attachments)?

My lab environment no External domain can test.
I guess maybe B company recipient  just need install Information protection viewer.

Thanks for reply so much!


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You can send to anyone, the question is will they be able to open it :) That part depends on the way you've sent the message, if using standard templates/labels, then the answer will be no, as the user from company B must authenticate against Azure AD in order to get the relevant cert to view the content.


If you are using the new OME however, you can send to any address and they can get to the message even without an Azure AD account provisioned. Read here:

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Thank you provided answer, I got it.