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Built-in security and operations management for Azure and hybrid environments

Community Manager

The growth of cloud infrastructure usage has been tremendous in the last couple years. In my conversations with customers, many are looking for technologies to help with cloud security and cloud management. More customers are asking for management that is rooted in the cloud and really designed for the new cloud paradigm. At Microsoft we are your trusted partner for enterprise today and in the future, and we are in a unique position where we build both a cloud platform and have a long history of delivering management and security services.


With Azure we are blurring the lines between the traditional categories of platform and management as we deliver an open cloud platform that has built-in security and operations management – and can still meet the needs of our largest enterprise customers. Our customers benefit from this approach with a simpler experience across the full security and operations management lifecycle. We also recognize the importance of building tools that manage and secure not just Azure but also your traditional workloads, and that’s why we are focused on delivering hybrid capabilities.




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