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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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B2B user with Security Admin cannot access Defender for Office 365 threat policies

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To work on Microsoft 365 Defender we have set up MSSP access as defined in Now we noticed that with the guest users, which have activated the Security Admin role via the access packages and PIM, we can't access the Threat Policies within the Microsoft 365 Defender tenant. We tested it on our lab tenant, and there the behaviour is the same, but for member users the issues does not arise. Is this expected behavior? If so, is there another way that we can manage our client's threat policies without creating member users in their tenant?


Is the limited support for guest users documented anywhere by Microsoft? It is stated in the docs that sec admin has these permissions, but there is no mention anywhere that this would be limited for guest users.


If anyone has more info on this issue, or even a better way of working, sharing it would be greatly appreciated.


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I am having similar issues with the guest permissions in defender 365. The system administrator role appears to provide no access for guest accounts. The only guests who can access defender 365 are those with global administrator. The RBAC setup also does not appear to be working.

Have you solved your issue?
Hi Matt,

No I have not solved this issue, nor have I received proper support from msft. I had opened a case via the Partner Center but received only an answer in the form of links to msft docs, not very helpful.

Anyone else has any clue here?

FYI, for anyone else having this problem.

This problem is solved by switching the usertype on the B2B user account from "Guest" to "Member"

Once this is done (and you wait a while, 30 minutes maybe) then the Threat Policies and all settings are visible as a privileged B2B user (Security Admin, Security Reader etc)

@PhilostYes, we figured that workaround out as well, but for us it's a no-go. Being a member type user gives you access to all the customers' internal resource, i.e. Sharepoint. This is a privacy issue and makes this workaround off limits for us as an MSSP. We looked into locking down access via conditional access policies, but it's unmanageable.

We have a ticket running with Microsoft support on this issue, if a real solution comes from it, I'll update here.

Yeah, it works in our use case as we are multiple tenancies but the same organisation.

As you will already be aware, the root cause is the way Exchange Online Protection still relies on Exchange PowerShell and legacy Exchange Online permissions structure in general. An area/product group with whom it seems progress is challenging. I dare say lots of complexity. Doesn’t help the pure MSSP use case though…