Azure RMS templates not always applied


Hi all,


I`m running a trial to see the possibilities of Azure Information Protection.
Everything seems to work fine, I can set the labels I created in Azure IP and the default and custom created RMS templates are applied, most of the time.
I`m running a few test clients (Windows 10, same version) with the latest Azure IP client. On one of the clients the label is set (I see the header set), but the RMS template is never applied. When I have a look at the eventviewer is shows Protection After Action: Unprotected.


Anybody seen this behaviour before? If I put this in production, there is a chance the RMS template is not applied to High Confidential docs, without the user not noticing it is not applied.
I have already did a new installation of Azure IP client.





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Hi Peter, the correct place to report issues such as this one would be the AIP team Yammer network:


Or via a support case.