Azure RMS templates not always applied.

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Why I have two RMS template but can't  Applied to Mail flow.

I had study all document ,can't find the reason.

Thanks for reply.

I have two Template by  Modify the default template.I have two Template by Modify the default template.No option(Template) can choose.No option(Template) can choose.



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Are these two templates scoped to specific users or groups? It's hard for me to tell from the screenshot but that's the first thing that comes to mind why you wouldn't be able to see them in Exchange Online (mail flow rules or Outlook on the web) but the specified users can see them in their Office apps. The other possibility is that your tenant isn't yet configured for Office 365 Message Encryption new capabilities, which also automatically makes these templates available to Exchange Online (see To check, run Get-IRMConfiguration to confirm that AzureRMSLicensingEnabled is set to True.

Hi, Carol Bailey 

Thank you for providing the requested information.,

  1. I have enable AIP service
  2. Exchange Online:Automatically refreshed within an hour - no additional steps required.
  3. these two templates are scoped to specific two users(o365 E5 Authorized) enable AIP.JPGtemplates scoped to specific users or groups.JPG