Azure MFA vs Azure MFA Server

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Does anyone have a link to a comparison guide of Azure MFA vs Azure MFA Server?


I am specifically looking for which services work with which product (maybe version of product). 

"Which version of Azure MFA is right for my organization?" as of 7/10/2018 doesn't really cover it.


EMS E3 vs E5 comparisons ( and Azure AD Editions Feature Comparison ( are also too high level for what I am looking for. 


Thank you in advance.

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What exactly do you mean by services, the different O365 workloads?

Vasil Mischev;
Things like Identity Protection capabilities such as "sign-in risk policy".
Of course that me be a bad example being only available under EMS E5 customers.
I will grab more examples.
Basically does anything in Azure's new MFA related features, services, policies take the MFA Server community into account?
Thank you,
reverse hierarchy "sign-in risk policy" < "Azure Active Directory Identity Protection" < "Azure AD Premium P2" < "Enterprise Mobility + Security E5"

Conditional Access, Azure AD Identity protection and all the other services should work just fine with Azure MFA Server. Or any other 2FA method performed on-premises. Now if you want to use such services to force MFA (via Azure MFA), people might find the behavior confusing, if not trained properly.

Your first link at includes a Content Feedback mechanism at the bottom of the article. It would be great if you could submit there and detail a little more what you're looking for. This is a good opportunity to influence the article, so the next person finds the level of detail you were looking for.

Sonia Cuff - Thank you. I will do that. James