Azure MFA Server Reporting

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Is anyone else looking for the Azure MFA Server (PhoneFactor) reports to be ported from "classic portal" to "new"/current portal and give "Security Reader" role access to them?


The Azure MFA Server - Activity Report which is currently available in the "new"/current Azure portal and all of the MFA Server reports that are only available in the "Classic" Azure portal are consumable by "Global Admin" role only. This makes the reports more difficult to utilize as we clearly do not want every corporate IT support person to be a "Global Admin". It would make much more sense to provide the "Security Reader" role access to these reports 


Has anyone else run into this issue?

How do you manage providing tier 1 security support near real time information in Microsoft's ever changing tenant support environment?

Do you utilize the "Security Reader" role?


I posted a uservoice to try to boost the report migration and security questions up a bit in consideration.


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