Azure Managed DNS Providers?

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In the wake of the DDoS attack on DYN, which impacted Netflix, Twitter and other major platforms, I'm being asked about the DNS providers Microsoft uses for Azure (if this is even a relevant question).


Unsurprisingly, there isn't much easily available information about this (for example, does Microsoft use one of these managed providers?)


Can anyone fill in the gaps?


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Hi Dwayne,


From my understanding - this is not something MS would depend on, it is internal and they have their own separate DNS service - this is from the best of my knowledge, I could be wrong here.


For a comsumer - unless you depend on their DNS service ( it does not matter. The DNS attack would affect the provider it is targeted on. So if you host your DNS on GoDaddy and run a Website in Azure - MS is not responsible for DNS resolution in this scenario.


Hope this answers your query?