Azure Information Protection

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1. By using Azure information Labels template .. Creating as a Custom label for Email Communications ..

      For Gmail & Zoho users --- It will be promote to authenticate a new encrypted message to view the email ---

     For Some Exchange users --- They are using as an Outlook client via accessing email, There authentication page is open but not to allow to type the Email id


So , There is any possible to Set AIP Templates without promoting any authentication by viewing Emails

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Not for external users, no. 

Thank you @Vasil Michev 


For my understanding,  Not for External users means, you mean that AIP is only support for Microsoft related Email communications .. not for other than G Suite, Zoho, like that.. is this right..


I have an another doubt , we are using as an M365 for configuring AIP in our Organisation... Some of Clients have facing not to open our emails in outlook clients app also ..

Once click the email it will be promote to  Sign-in page, but not allow to type the email address in Authentication page in Outlook client..

How it will be rectify....

It supports external IDs just fine, but they will have to authenticate in one form or another, so it's not a seamless experience.