Azure Information Protection unified administration phase two

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First published on CloudBlogs on May 23, 2017
Hi everyone, we have another awesome and important update for you today. On April 26, we introduced you to the first version of our unified AIP admin experience, enabling you to manage protection settings on labels without needing to create RMS templates via the classic portal. This was our first step to providing one unified portal to manage all classification, labeling and protection settings. Today we begin the publishing of the next iteration in this process which will bring additional features to the new Azure portal:
  • A new quick start experience (available today in Public Preview)
  • Manage existing Azure RMS templates (available today in Public Preview)
  • Multi-language labels (Private Preview now open)
  • License enforcement will begin in June

A new Quick Start experience

A small but important addition, we have added a new Quick Start page that provides you with easy access to great resources, such as the latest AIP video, links to important sources of documentation, client downloads and our Yammer group.

Manage existing Azure RMS templates

You can now manage existing RMS templates that are not linked to any label via Azure portal. You will find them under the “Templates” container on the Global policy view: You can manage the settings on these templates exactly like you do with the protection settings on labels. Note: all other settings that are available for labels are not accessible until you promote the template to be a label. You can do this conversion using the context menu: Once the template is promoted to a label (or sublabel) you can define other label options like visual marking and conditions. If you link a template to an existing label, it will be removed from the templates container and you manage it within the label that it is assigned to. We look forward to you trying this out and letting us know how you get on, your feedback helps us deliver the best outcomes.

Multi-language Support (Private Preview)

Multi-language support enables you to translate all customizable text fields presented to users in the AIP clients to all supported languages (the same set that is currently supported in the classic portal for Azure RMS templates). You can add multi-language to your deployment using the localization settings: To determine which language to display, the AIP clients check the environment locale settings. The Office add-in looks at the Office UI language, the Explorer Extension looks at the Windows display language. In the event that a language is set outside the supported list, the client will display the default language text. If you are interested in participating in the Private Preview and provide feedback on the multi-language support, please connect with us on Yammer .

License enforcement

We received plenty of feedback from you that you wanted to ensure you did not activate features of AIP that you are not licensed for. A fair ask! So we will be enforcing licensing in the coming month . Here is what will happen:
  • Tenants with only an Office license that include RMS (Office E3 or E5) will be able to manage protection settings (and templates) only.
  • Tenants with AIP P1 (EMS E3) licenses will not be able to add AIP P2 (EMS E5) features – automation conditions, email attachment checking or HYOK policies.
If you have already enabled features for which you are not licensed, they will continue to work (to ensure no impact on your users) but you will not be able to add new settings for these features. You can edit the setting to remove the configuration.


We always appreciate your feedback, and invite you to engage with us in our Yammer group. Please note that the classic portal is scheduled to be closed by the end of June 2017 , so it’s very important to try the new portal and provide us with feedback in order to enable us to provide you the best experience. Thank you, Dan Plastina on behalf of our enthusiastic Azure IP team. Twitter: @DanPlastina Useful links: (PDF) It really is very easy to get started. We have a lot of information available to help you, from great documentation to engaging with us via Yammer and e-mail. What are you waiting for? Get to it!
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