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Is it possible to use the get-AIPfileStatus and set-AIPfileLabel cmdlts on SPO and onedrive files.  The calls are consistently failing with an authentication error, "unable to autheticate and setup microsoft azure information protection. 


We believe all the prerequisites to be correct and are able to use these cmdlts for file servers.

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@RE_SP_720 Can you give an example of the powershell command that you use?


To be clear: do you try this on SharePoint Online or do you have on-prem SP servers?


*For SharePoint paths: SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2016, and SharePoint Server 2013 are supported.



Set-AIPFileLabel -Path $fileName -LabelId $ConfidentialLabelID -PreserveFileDetails


Where the $fileName is either a onedrive or SPO path.


Is it the case then that AIP labels can be used for SPO and ondrive files but these cmdlts to set them only support sharepoint (onprem) and fileservers?


What can be used for the same functionality in SPO and onedrive?


@RE_SP_720  Did you ever get an answer?

Is it possible to run these commands on SPO?

@jsolar2022 I have same question. Have you got answer on this.



Did anyone get any results with this? I have a different issue where the command is running with SPO but just hangs for over 12 hours and the output to CSV generates the file but remains empty.


I have a case with Microsoft Pre-Sales and support so will update if I get any progress.