Azure Information Protection: Ready, set, protect!


In a first of series of 4 articles, Dan Plastina shares some tips and a video on how to get your organization started with AIP.


The full post can be found here:


Video is here:


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Here is part 2 - "In Part 1 of the series we showed you how to get going with classification and labeling, and FAST. In this next post in the series we are going to focus on how you can take the learnings and benefits from that and protect your information."

Azure Information Protection: Ready, set, protect! – Part 2


Azure Information Protection: Ready, Set, Protect! – Part 3 is here!


"Today’s blog post is for those of you who are either Information Protection skeptics or have yet to kick off a proper evaluation of the technology in this space. We want to help you hone in on what’s really important in an enterprise solution for Classifying, Labeling and Protecting (CLP) your information."

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Do you have any idea if it will be possible tot AIP protect documents using (Office on) Mac OS X?


I dont deal with Macs, but support for RMS protection has been available since Office 2011. Here's a reference article:


Labeling/classification is not yet supported on Mac afaik.

Usually we don't deal with Macs Rutger.
Cannot find anything if labeling Will come tot Mac OS X. Thanks anyway

All the documentation and videos for this has "General" and "Highly Confidential" as options when tagging, but we have "Internal" and "Secret" as our default tags. Is this something that has changed when going to GA?

This page confirms the lack of Mac support for the Azure Information Protection client:


"For Mac computers and Windows Phone, links from this page download the RMS sharing apps for mobile devices. These devices do not currently support the Azure Information Protection client."


The original announcement did commit to full Mac support, no ETA though:


"We currently provide for the consumption of protected content on all platforms. In the near future we will also provide additional support for classification and labeling across other platforms including Mac, iOS, Android, and Web."


Depending on how eager you are to pursue this, you could also ask in the private peer community at There is also the Cloud Platform roadmap but nothing posted there yet, under Enterprise Mobility.



Here is the fourth and final part covering regulations and compliance -

"Today’s blog post is for those of you who have needs to comply with data protection regulations and want to understand how you can use Azure Information Protection (AIP) to help meet some of those needs."