Azure Information Protection Product Feedback

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You can now vote and suggest improvements to Azure Information Protection on a dedicated Uservoice site here - Here are the top ideas so far, since opening recently:


  1. SharePoint Online Support for AIP
  2. Dedicated admin role for Azure Information Protection
  3. Adobe Reader and Acrobat Pro support AIP
  4. Central logs for AIP
  5. Enable AIP in Office Mobile Clients
  6. Integrate AIP with O365 DLP
  7. Integrate AIP natively into Office for Mac
  8. Integrate AIP natively into Office 2016

Vote for your favourites or check out some of the other ideas!

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Thanks for the headsup Cian!

@Cian Allner - that link now says "This UserVoice instance is no longer available."


Where can I provide feedback on the implementation of AIP please?