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Azure Information Protection Encryption

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can I protect my Data in OneDrive for Business with an extra layer of security and can set an password to each file with AIP?

Or what is the difference to e.g. Boxcryptor? I don't unterstand the Encryption Feature of AIP :\

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There is nothing to stop you from protecting files in your OneDrive for Business with AIP. Your files will be protected with the settings from the label you apply. With the AIP client (Classic or UL) you can right click and select Classify and Protect on a file/folder (whether the file/folder is on your computer or in OD4B) and choose the protection settings you prefer. Either by chosing a predefined label, or custom permissions you feel is appropriate. However it is not recommended: Here it says: If your label applies protection to a document, the protected document is not suitable to be saved on SharePoint or OneDrive. These locations do not support the following for protected files: Co-authoring, Office for the web, search, document preview, thumbnail, and eDiscovery.

Thanks for your Answer. But can I protect my files with a different password (not my Account Password)?

Or must I use different methods (encrypt with Boxcryptor)?



@Hamza_zdemir  The short answer is yes. You can right-click and select classify and protect where you will have the opportunity to choose custom permissions and set access to another user account. This means that the other user will be the one with access to your document. But, I am unsure of what you want to accomplish. If you for instance have private documents you want to store in your OneDrive it would not prevent an administrator (for instance) from decrypting and reading the content since they can use the superuser feature as long as you have protected the content with AIP from your employer. Did that answer your question?